6 Simple Tips For Hemorrhoid Sufferers

Simple Hemorrhoid Remedies

With a healthy diet and natural remedies, sufferers can easily get rid of hemorrhoids:

Proper hygiene – It is important for the person to wear clean cotton undergarment and change them regularly. Personal hygiene is a crucial aspect that aids in quick recovery and minimizes the chances of developing anal infections. The sufferer should also clean the anal region. Sitz bath is a natural remedy that helps in minimizing the pain and the lukewarm water regulates the blood circulation around the anus. It is also advisable to use baby wipes or moist toilet tissues to clean the anal region, every time after using the toilet.

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Regular exercises help in recovery of piles naturally – Simple physical exercises like walking or swimming can help in regulating the bowel movement and minimize the pressure on the rectal veins. Sufferers should strictly avoid lifting heavy objects, or sitting or standing too long.
Proper diet for long-term relief – The person needs to intake fiber-rich foods, as it can help in softening the stool and overcome the condition of constipation. Some of the best foods for piles sufferers are oatmeal, bread, fresh fruits and beans.

Herbal hemorrhoid cream – Creams and ointments containing effective herbal ingredients can help in reducing the sensation of pain, itching and burning.

Drinking lot of water – To stay hydrated and healthy, it is advisable for the sufferers to consume at least eight cups of water every day. Intake of sufficient fluid helps to improve digestion and avoid constipation.

Avoid straining during bowel movement – Constipation is one of the most concerning cause of hemorrhoids. When the person strains excessively during bowel movement, the delicate rectal veins might tear and swell. In most of the cases, excess straining leads to external hemorrhoids. To minimize the risk of piles, one should avoid straining when using the toilet. If required, one can use a stool softener or gentle laxative.

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