Effective hemorrhoids treatment helps patients overcome itching and severe rectal pain

Typical symptoms of hemorrhoids (also called piles) include itching, inflammation, pain, and bleeding. There are several factors to trigger the condition in individuals like poor diet, constipation problems and even pregnancy. Although most of the time, these symptoms fade away by making certain dietary or lifestyle changes. But in case of bleeding and consistent pain, the sufferer needs to intake medications, apply herbal ointments and cream. Doctors often suggest the chronic sufferer to undergo the surgical treatment, which helps in eradicating the uncontrollable symptoms completely.

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Useful hemorrhoids treatment options:

As a majority of human population encounters the condition of hemorrhoids at some point of time, they should remain acknowledged about the effective treatment options:

Drinking excessive fluids – Water aids in regulating the digestive system and makes the stool soften and easy to pass. Less straining during the bowel passage enhances the health of the rectal veins and the person overcomes the painful condition easily. However, if the person does not drink enough amounts of fluids like water or fruit juices, the digestive tract becomes dehydrated and the stool cannot easily pass through the anal canal. Dry, hard feces moving down the rectal canal can irritate and even tear the swollen hemorrhoidal tissues.
Avoid constipation- Another effective treatment for hemorrhoid is to avoid constipation and include fiber-rich foods in daily diet. Constipation sufferers can also intake laxative to regulate their bowel movements.

Sitz bath – One of the simple home remedy to overcome severe pain and itching is a sitz bath. One can fill a bath tub fill with lukewarm water and soak the back portion in the tub for about 5-10 minutes. It is advisable to add Epsom salt to the water as it can aid in faster healing and overcoming the pain and discomfort.

Natural ingredients- More and more people suffering from piles are turning towards the natural ingredients to overcome the painful condition. Some of the common natural ingredients to heal hemorrhoid pain are horse chestnut seed extract (it aids in strengthening the rectal veins), pineapple (contains enzymes that breaks down the ingested food particles), and apple cider vinegar.

Surgical treatment – In sever case, the patients are recommended to undergo the surgical procedure, that completely heals the ailment. The most popular and latest medical intervention to cure hemorrhoids includes laser treatment, ultra sound treatment, and atomizing hemorrhoids.

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